About ZyK

ZyK blog – It’s my corner

ZyK9 by you.

·Full name

Nguyễn Duy Khánh


Lotus N, Kenshin N, mr S

·Date of birth

Nov 27




On the cloud…

  • Music: New Age, Flute
  • Movies: Series 007, Jackie Chan, The Lion King, Troy, Sw Nov, On the cloud
  • Books: Work less, make more; OPPM, JARS, On the becoming a leader, Think and Grow Rich,…
  • Interests: Art, Traveling & Tea
  • About me: Man – a being in search of meaning
    Dream To Keep Us Going – Easy Wanderlings. 
  • Stay hungry, Stay foolish

    Just the way you are!

  • Dreams: FREEDOM. I have a no-limitations belief in potentials and possibilities, the combination of people and ideas. I want to be in business for myself.  I want to operate my own business…write my own paycheck…come and go as I please.  I want to control my own time, i want to travel anywhere  I like. If this belief is foolish…then that’s the kind of fool I am 🙂
  • Quote: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More
sIMG_5132 by ZyK++.

“There is Nothing to fear but fear Itself”


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