Life At Random: The “Yes Man” Mentality

Just a post about life and living it.

Sometimes, I meet people and I think to myself, they don’t live a full life. Some people get stuck in reality and it is sad to watch a half-life. People who hide themselves in a small part of the world. Don’t care for anything. Don’t want to move forward anymore.

I recently re-watched the film Yes Man and I had a good think about it and whether the Yes Man mentality is something worth investing time and effort into.

Carl, played by Jim Carrey, in the film is in a rut. His life after a bad breakup is at a standstill and Carl himself, doesn’t want to be removed from the situation.

Why not?

Many people, the world over experience a loss and then never recover to themselves. A person who may have been a success for most of his or her life may become stagnant. A rock. A turtle that has crawled back into their shell.

Is it that some don’t know how to make it back to life? Or are they more content now that life has knocked them down?

In Yes Man, when Carl does the inexcusable and misses his best friend’s engagement party, he comes to the realization that his actions (or rather, inactions) are getting him nowhere and losing him loved ones. On a chance meeting with an old acquaintance, Carl is introduced to the word YES.

After making a covenant with Terrence, the YES guru, Carl begins a whirlwind romance with positivity, many instances ending in hilarity.

Without giving away too much of the plot, what Carl does by saying yes to everything is open his heart, body and mind. He learns to live again, but wholeheartedly.

So is the Yes Man mentality something more people should undertake?

Obviously, within limits, of course. When Carl went crazy, saying Yes to everything, there were negative consequences. You can’t say yes to every single invitation, every single offer, every single email and have everything be roses.

But the Yes Man mentality is not really about saying yes, is it? Moreso, about breathing positivity back into life. Accepting the opportunities that can and/or will be good for you, trying something new, saying something in a different way. Not exactly acting the opposite of what you normally do but striving for a better outcome in your life.

Sounds like something I could definitely apply more intensively to my own life.

A 2011 life experience is on its way, I believe. Wish me & my dears luck!

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