TET Lunar New Year 2010 (VN Holiday) – Year of the Tiger – Feb 14-18

VN Holiday. Offices closed throughout Vietnam Mon-Thu, Feb 15-18, 2010

Traditionally there are four main days of celebration: TET Eve (Sat, Feb 13), and The First (Sun, Feb 14), Second (Mon, Feb 15), and Third (Tue, Feb 16) Days of TET Nguyen Dan. Since Feb 14 is a Sun, offices will be closed officially for the four days: Mo-Th, Feb 15-18.

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… to learn more about TET customs in Vietnam.
“Tet is the festival which epitomizes the identity of Vietnamese culture. Although the Lunar New Year is observed in all of East Asia influenced by Chinese civilization, each country celebrates it in a way peculiar to that country by making it conform to its psyche and historico-geographical conditions. Many rites, festivities and practices of Vietnamese TET are quite distant variants of the Chinese model, and are even original creations which hark back to myths and legends of the pre-Chinese period which prevailed in an authentically Viet culture of the Bronze Age (first millenium B.C.) called the Red River Culture.”

Symbols of TET in Vietnam.
Kumquat trees about two or three feet tall are carefully selected and prominently displayed during Tet. To carefully choose a kumquat bush, the buyer must pay attention to the symmetrical shape, to the leaves and to the color and shape of the fruit. The bushes have been precisely pruned to display ripe deep orange fruits with smooth clear thin skin shining like little suns or gold coins on the first day of the lunar new year. Other fruits must still be green to ripen later. This represents the wish that wealth will come to you now and in the future. The leaves must be thick and dark green with some light green sprouts. The fruits represent the grandparents, the flowers represent parents, the buds represent children and the light green leaves represent grandchildren. The tree thus symbolizes many generations. Guests will caress the light green leaves about to sprout and compliment the discerning host who chose so carefully.

… for a list of Vietnamese and U.S. holidays

… to download Moon Menu, a small program to keep track of the phases of the moon. The new moon will occur in the night of Sat, Feb 13 and Sun, Feb 14. According to the Moon Menu calculations, the “exact” time of the new moon will be 9:43 am on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, which is when the moon stops “waning” and starts “waxing.”

… to view www.timeanddate.com, a handy site with lots of information about calendars, holidays, and it has the time all over the world. This can help you calculate the best times to make a phone call World Clock Meeting Planner.

… to learn about how the Lunar New Year is calculated from Ancient Worlds.

And here is a list of dates for future TET Lunar New Year’s day up to 2020.

Year of the… Gregorian Calendar
Water Buffalo Jan 26, 2009
Tiger Feb 14, 2010
Cat Feb 03, 2011
Dragon Jan 23, 2012
Snake Feb 10, 2013
Horse Jan 31, 2014
Goat Feb 19, 2015
Monkey Feb 08, 2016
Rooster Jan 28, 2017
Dog Feb 16, 2018
Pig Feb 05, 2019
Rat Jan 25, 2020

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