Song For A Stormy Night – Secret Garden

From the Secret Garden’s new album “Inside I’m Singing”
Artist: Secret Garden & Steinar Albrigtsen

This song have great meaning, not only about sound and but also about voice… for a heavy rainy night…

….Sometimes, we’re just like the weather
Changing by day after day
As long as we’ll be together
Storms will pass away

I said I would guard and protect you
Keep you free from all harm
And if life should ever reject you
That love would weather each storm…
P/S: Do you think the love like a storm night?  U can’t know when it comes. but when you relize you’re in the storm, at this time, you’re fall in love…
Now, Tomorrow has come, perhaps the greatest of our lives. Something will happen, and afterward,
we will know. Have a nice weekend!


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