Oracle Magazine T3-4/2009

– Data Center: The Next Generation
– Scale to Fit
– Integrating Applications


– Readers tell us what they think.
– What’s Next?


-Events: Find out about current and upcoming industry events.
-Oracle Resources: Your guide to Oracle Webcasts, podcasts, blogs, education offerings, and more
-OTN Bulletin: Learn what’s happening with Oracle’s most dynamic online community.
-Interview :Vince Casarez, vice president of product management at Oracle, provides an update on Enterprise 2.0.


-SQL: Baselines and Better Plans
By Arup Nanda
Use SQL plan management in Oracle Database 11g to optimize execution plans.

-SQL DEVELOPER: Improving Application Performance
By Sue Harper
Manage and tune Oracle Application Express applications with Oracle SQL Developer.

By Sushma Jagannath
Improve performance in Oracle Database 11g with new PL/SQL features.

-ASK TOM: On Wrong and Right
By Tom Kyte
Our technologist checks the documentation and tests the answers.

-ORACLE DEVELOPER: A Ride at the OK (or Cancel) Corral
By Steve Muench
Configure nested transactions using Oracle ADF task flows.

-PL/SQL PRACTICES: On Avoiding Termination
By Steven Feuerstein
Continue PL/SQL execution beyond exceptions.

-IN THE FIELD: Taming the Data Explosion
By Ian Abramson
The HP Oracle Database Machine offers high performance for high data volume.

-ALL SECURE: Securing Support
By Mary Ann Davidson
Leaking a well-kept security secret: Oracle Configuration Manager

-ANALYST’S CORNER: The Next-Generation Data Center
By David Baum
Cost and environmental considerations motivate more-efficient operations.

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