Year-end performance review & chances for promotion

The year-end performance review is coming so soon! This is the time when you sit down with your boss to reap the rewards of your year-round hard work. Instead of being anxious about this occasion, you can turn your year-end performance review into the golden opportunity to advance in your career!

PMR, this term sounds so familiar to any working people. Year-end performance management review is a corporate annual activity when the manager sits down with his/her employees to evaluate their whole year performance and make plans for their career development in the new year. Specifically, via a PMR meeting, both the manager and the employees together evaluate the employees’ performance according to the goals set at the beginning of a year. Based on this evaluation, the manager will recommend to HR people the suitable pay rise and bonuses and make plans for their employees’ career development in the next year. To ensure the results be satisfactory to both parties, you need to prepare well and behave tactfully during the whole review. Some tips below will help.

Reaching a consensus about evaluation criteria
At the beginning of a year or a quarter, you should have a conversation with your manager about evaluation criteria. Currently, the most popular performance criteria are SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time. If you find those criteria unjust, you should state your views immediately. Don’t wait until the end of a year to object as it will be too late.

Self – evaluating beforehand
Before the review, you should evaluate your own performance honestly and seriously. Give marks for your performance according to the pre-defined criteria. If there are some goals you didn’t meet, you should prepare the reason in advance, but never lay the blame on other people.

Highlighting your achievements in the whole year
This is the golden opportunity for you to shine! Show your boss your outstanding results and achievements. Don’t assume that they know all you have done because they are often very busy. Like the pearls need to be polished to shine, you have to make yourself outstand aggressively. If not, your manager may not know your achievements however hard you have worked.

Proving your good performance with specific figures

It is not enough to report that you have done a good job. You should use specific figures to prove, for example: “My ideas have helped the company post 20 % growth in turnover/profit…” or “I have improved the working process, saving $3,000 in the first 6 months…”

Facing critical review with positive attitude
Listening to the managers’ remarks with a positive attitude proves that you are always receptive to criticism. In most cases, employees admit their managers hit the right nail on the head. However, there are some situations that employees do not agree with their managers’ comments. This disagreement can sometimes lead to arguments at PMR meetings. Yet you should take your words carefully. If you need to explain something, you should state it politely and persuasively.

Setting new goals for the new year
You are ready to take more responsibilities? Then don’t hesitate to state these plans to your manager. You should confidently state your new goals to foster the company’s sustainable growth. This action proves that you are a loyal employee and always seek ways to add high value to the organization. Managers generally base on employees’ valuable contributions to promote them.

PMR is an essential part of life. Therefore, instead of concerning or evading, you should participate in the whole process proactively and whole-heartedly. If your PMR gets excellent evaluation, it will become the launching pad to help you advance in your career.


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